Monday, November 27, 2006

Made new friends

It was time for making new friends again on Sunday evening. Me, Grandma, Mom and Dad were in Praveen Uncle's house to attend the Shreemantham function of Mohana Aunty.

I met Pooja (Prerana) Akka and Bhavna (Balaji Uncle and Bhavani Aunty's daughter). We both are of same age hence could not talk to each other :) .

Here are some pictures from the function.

Mom's schoolmate's visit

26th November (Sunday):

Mom's school mate Uma aunty, her husband Jayendra uncle and their kid (my new friend) Pranav anna were here to visit on the week end.

Could stand alone for a while

Expect me, everyone else was surprised to see me stand without any support. I was able to stand alone in a corner. Surprised ??? I bet you are.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Rolled from Back to Front

One more milestone... today I rolled from back to front while my Grandma was doing the massage. Hey, you guys !!! be careful with me from now on.. don't leave me alone on the bed or sofa :)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Nestum Solid foods

For last one week, I have been having Nestum Rice and I just started having Nestum Ragi as well. Hmmm... my digestion system is working fine. Today my mom got the new recipe from Malini Aunty for a home made Ragi pap... yummy yummy...

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Naughty ....

Now... I am really becoming naughty already. Looks like I gave tough time to my Mom and Dad last night by making them stay awake most of the night :)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My 4th Month Birthday

6th November, 2006:

It was the monthly birthday time again. This time the background was decorated nicely by Mom, Jyothi Babai and Vani Attha. I just arrived at the scene on time and cut the cake :)

Friday, November 03, 2006

Dad's Collegues Visit

They did not give me enough time to rest today. Since morning it was pooja and solid foods. In the afternoon it is time to play with Dad's collegues. Looks like they had more fun with me than what I had with them.

Hey they got me a teddy bear and a remote control car...I am eagerly waiting to play with them. Thanks uncles and aunt(s) :)

Anna Prashana Ceremony

It is time for Solid Foods !! The whole ceremony was kind of a celebration. Mom tells me that they did lot of poojas for me so that I become a brave, healthy, wise , rich person in future.

Malini Aunty was here. But I miss Vani Attha as she was away in Chennai today

Tulasi Pooja

November- 2nd, 2006

Tulasi pooja. Mom, Grandma, Padma Avva were very busy.. they did not seem to hear me crying. I hope it was worth what they were doing :)

Final dose of vaccine shots

October 23rd, 2006:

Santosh Uncle gave me the final dose of Easy Five, oral polio drops etc.. This time it was really painful. He also said, I am ready to take solid foods now.
Weight: 6.40 Kg, Height - 64 Cms, HC - 42 CM