Sunday, January 14, 2007

Prem Anna's Birthday Party

13th January, 2007:
In the evening, it was lot of fun for me with lots and lots of new faces..

Visit to Mohanty Uncle's House

13th January, 2007:
We visited Mohanty Uncle's house to see cute Munmun. I also had good fun with Gungun Akka.

With Mom at the constuction site

7th January, 2007

My 6th Month Birthday

6th January, 2007:
=== ===========

Ground Floor House Construction

30th December, 2006

Daddy started ground floor house work.. but for me it was too cold in the morning!!

Dharmapuri Visit

After a long gap, it was time to visit Ammamma's hometown.. With Vani Atta before starting off !!

With Saranya Pinni at Dharmapuri

Dinner at Woodies

December 20th, 2006

Raji Attha treated us at Woodies..

Sathya Anna's Visit

13th December, 2006:

Sathya Anna visited us and we had good fun