Thursday, April 05, 2007

Munidevara Jathara - 2

It was time for Munidevara Jathara again. The difference this time is I could see the function. It was overwhelming to see everybody getting together and involving in the function. Thank you all. Special thanks to Muniswamy thatha, Seenu thatha and Jyothy babai for the painstaking arrangements !!!

Me, enjoying with Jyothy babai students on the day before Munidevara Jathara

On the way to Jathara ...

On the way to Jathara ... with Dad

Gorgeous Jeji ... I have to admit Seenu thatha has great skills

The cute children den: I would have definitely enjoyed more if I was little older..

With Seenu Thatha

Muniswamy Thatha at pooja

From left to right: Saranya pinni, Ammamma, Salem Avva, Bhuvana Avva, Salem Thatha ... hey guys, thanks for your blessings

With Vishnu Mama

Dad trying his best involve me in the pooja for obtaining the blessings of Jeji

Kamalamma avva and others at the scene

A small typical reception (Nalugu) at the end

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